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15 QUESTIONS You Should Ask Your Religious Leader Available Soon

A film by James McConnell,  Produced by Sufi Films  2005, All Rights Reserved

In an age of fraudulent leaders and tyrants asking thoughtful and respectful questions was never so important. Prophets in the past never refused to answer thoughtful questions that were designed to not only teach others, but to help people to determine if the person before them was really in touch with God and qualified to respond. We invite all aspirants from all faith groups to ask these same questions from their own religious leaders, and then compare answers. God willing, the truth will be apparent and believers can once again unite under one banner of real love and real belief.


REMEMBER GOD?   Advance Meditation Practices WATCH NOW   Only $1.99

A film by James McConnell,  Produced by Sufi Films  2005, All Rights Reserved

Re-released on DVD. The Naqshbandi group meditative practice or Khatam, filmed in both Damascus Syria and Lefke Cyprus is an extraordinary account of the weekly Naqshbandi gatherings where aspirants seek to connect to their Lord and Creator. The film has been Re-released on DVD.

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A film by James McConnell,  Produced by Sufi Films  2005, All Rights Reserved

Mawlana Sheikh Nazim was born in Larnaka, Northern Cyprus in the year 1922 on the 21st day of April.  He was the mureed and follower of the Great Sultan ul Awliya Sheikh Abdullah Faiz Daghistani who was also the Khatm ul Awliya or the Seal of Saints.  After the passing away of Sheikh Abdullah in the year 1972 Mawlana Sheikh Nazim became the Grandsheikh of the Naqshbandi Tariqa.  He is now living in Northern Cyprus in Lefke and he is 86 years old.  He is the last Grandsheikh of the Most Distinguished Naqshbandi Tariqa.  Mawlana Sheikh Nazim is the of our time.  Sufism is the internal aspect and the Essence of Islam.  There have been many Great Sufi Saints who have been famous in the world.  But none of them have traveled as much as Mawlana Sheikh Nazim, who has been all around the world spreading the message of Islam and Sufism. On a modest estimate Mawlana Sheikh Nazim is said to have at least 40 million mureeds or devotees who are following him today.

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 A film by James McConnell,  Produced by Sufi Films  2005, All Rights Reserved

Sheikh Adnan Kabbani delivers a heart felt spiritual account about Grand Sheikh Abdullah al-Faiz ad-Daghistani in his remarkable film that reveals some of the many secrets and high stations of the Saint of all Saints, Sultan of all Awliya. The film begins with a tour of the newly completed Maqam of Grand Sheikh in Damascus, Syria on Mount Qassum where Sheikh Adnan speaks about some of the once before hidden secrets regarding the actual Maqam (tomb of Sheikh Abdullah), the cave of promises, the headquarters of Isa (Jesus) and Imam Mehdi, peace and blessing upon them and their followers.  We then here a first hand account from the construction contractor hired to build the Maqam and see rare footage of the construction site.

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 A film by James McConnell,  Produced by Sufi Films  2010, All Rights Reserved

Sheikh Adnan Kabbani reveals many secrets about Maqams and helps the viewer understand what Spiritual Maqams are and how they vary and differ in ranks and stations. This is a film that really needs to be watched and watched, again and again. It is a powerful peak into the world of Spiritual Maqams as perceived first hand through direct experience from one who has attained a very high station.

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LOVE NEVER ENDING    New Release Available Soon

 A film by Suzanne McConnell,  Produced by Sufi Films  2010, All Rights Reserved

Ever so often there comes a talent that is born, not developed through training. A pure natural welling of the soul and a gift from the divine. No one can claim credit, only marvel at the inspiration that comes forth through the one blessed with the God given talent to impart that gift to all others. Shaykh Sully is one of those rare people whose heart is connected to a source few of us can reach. His poetry transcends the mind, clearly dwelling in the heart of a faithful servant. His deep verse reminds us of one of the most celebrated oriental poets, Jalahudeen Rumi. These cherished poems never grow old, with layers of meaning newly revealed with each listening.



A film by James McConnell

He said -"In Islam everyone has a role to play. I don't want my Muslim brothers and sisters to look at me as a hero, as non-Muslims do, but as a Muslim brother." The world famous megastar Hakeem Olajuwon of Houston Rockets, has won two championships and the title of Most Valuable Player of 1994. Hakeem was born in Nigeria. When he was in school he was approached by an American university to lend his talent to NBA. He is loved and respected by his team, the NBA and his fans.

He is the only player in the NBA to refuse to sign a multi-million dollar contract with Nike because the shoes were too expensive. Hakeem wanted a cheaper shoe so that poor children could also afford them.


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