Among the uninitiated, attars (ittars) are very much misunderstood. So much incorrect information is presented by people not really understanding the origins, purpose, production and use of natural fragrances. The essential oil industry and now even sites that promote magic and witchcraft are presenting attars in a negative light and are further distorting what the attar industry historically offered. The History of Attars will not only explore the history and manufacturing process but present a fresh smelling look at attars that few have ever experienced before.

This exciting documentary will not only provide a look into an industry very few know very much about The History of Attar will be an exploration and adventure into the lands, cultures and people who produce traditional attars.

An informative film with a very broad based cross cultural appeal The History of Attar promises to be a big commercial hit amongst the many consumers anxious to find out more about scents that are chemical free and non allergenic.

The film will necessarily highlight the trends in the industry that are causing consumers to move away from perfume and back to natural scents once only worn by nobles and royalty.

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