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A Program by James McConnell,  Produced by Sufi Films

Director James McConnell has retrieved his original signed contracts with Broadway Video and the original Holy Hack (originally called Hack) program treatment that was presented and signed in 1992, three years before a virtually duplicate program was first aired on HBO in 1995 called Taxicab Confessions. As the original creator and producer of the show (contract here). McConnell now intends to develop the program as it was originally intended to be produced - less freakiness and more substance. The show will be focused on important contemporary problems and issues from a  transcendental perspective, rather than the entertainment oriented show Taxicab Confessions has become. Holy Hack will be suitable for all audiences and of interest to all paths. McConnell, a former NYC Taxi Driver, will be one of the featured drivers and plans to recruit other driver/clerics from other faith traditions, including the Buddhist, Jewish and Christian communities. Sufi Films is currently looking for additional sponsorship and acquisition deals for the soon to be produced show.

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A film by James McConnell   PIRATE MY FILM - Buy shares in this production. Become part owner in this film and enjoy the potential profit it may produce.

Traditional Cupping - Hijama will explore the ancient techniques of cupping and travel to the many different countries where cupping is commonly performed. In addition to exploring the history of cupping, the film will delve into the new advances and scientific evidence to support or refute the many proclaimed benefits of cupping. We welcome cooperation amongst practitioners in developing this important film and request papers, research and interviews with established practitioners for the Traditional Cupping production.

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ATTENTION: We are looking for experienced film crews in several other countries to shoot local footage for the above Traditional Cupping Film. If you are interested in colaborating on this project, please contact us.

A film by James McConnell

Among the uninitiated attars (ittars) are very much misunderstood. So much incorrect information is presented by people not really understanding the origins, purpose, production and use of natural fragrances. The essential oil industry and now even Wicca sites that present attars in a negative light are further distorting what the attar industry historically offered. The History of Attars will not only explore the history and manufacturing process but present a fresh look at attars that few have discovered.

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