Growing films is how Documentarian James McConnell prefers to describe the process of filmmaking.  He compares mass media productions to GMO corporate farming with no regard for the environment or the nutritional value. This continued consumption of poison foods like the many poison programs we consume will eventually destroy mankind if left unchallenged.

True documentary filmmaking is akin to preparing the fields and growing organic crops with the intention of producing medicinal food that heals and sustains life.  It is a natural process we are invited and honored to participate in, but can claim no credit.

What our minds consume is equally as important as what our stomachs consume.

McConnell's work is dedicated to producing organic films that benefit and heal mankind.

So many editorial or journalistic films, which at times have their own place, are being incorrectly labeled as documentaries. Films McConnell refers to as "My Idea, Staring Me Films".  True documentary films are organic, unscripted - a journey that is revealed and opens along the way to both the filmmaker and the viewer.  A story that tells itself. You necessarily start with a premise but are only there to record reality, stay out of the way, witness what unfolds and document events for the audience to judge for themselves. 

In Sufi terminology, you stay out of your mind and in your heart. 

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