Starting out at Financial News Network where six taped and one live programs were produced five days a week James McConnell quickly learned ENG production techniques and skills that he still utilizes in producing creative and fresh productions - on time and within budget.

Toss in McConnell's extensive spot commercial and music video experience in the competitive New York market and you have a creative recipe for award winning productions.

Now combine fifteen plus years of experience providing new media Internet consulting services to major corporate clients and McConnell's talents to deliver ubiquitous, cross platform, media savvy content becomes crystal clear.

Sufi Films under James McConnell's directorial talent, is very discerning about the projects they accept. If your music video, conference, promotional clip or corporate presentations conveys a universal message of peace and good will then you can fully trust that Sufi Films d/b/a Good Productions  will put all of it's knowledge, creative talent and heart into your specific media needs.

Learn how Sufi Films can help your non-profit deliver a message of hope and peace to a troubled world and utilize cross platform new media campaigns to help promote and support your noble efforts.

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